Life mantra

A couple of days ago I was invited to a friend’s birthday party. Since he lived very far, I had never actually been to his place before. Thanking him on his humble request I asked him the way, and he sent me the location of his house via google maps immediately. When the day finally arrived, I took a bus from a nearby stop and exited where I was supposed to, then I was to scrounge my trail on foot. Google maps clearly wasn’t very helpful when it came to extremely narrow streets. I had a lot of hurdles in my path, met many dead ends sometimes I had to go round unnecessary corners to get back on track; nevertheless I reached his place.

It was an amazing party as expected with good food, great music, fun people and the usual leg pulling. As soon as I got a chance to catch my breath I went out into the balcony. The view from the 17th floor was jaw-dropping. In faded shades of yellow I could see my place, tiny, and the path I had to take to reach here.

I began to wonder if all the pain I thought I went through, were any of it even true? Everything looked so little, my problems, the little hurdles, I had in my path looked powerless now.

That is exactly how life works. The difficulties we face in our daily lives tire us down, shatter our hopes. But the path is never a problem for someone who has a goal in his mind. An Aim that overshadows every single of these obstacles, like if they don’t even exist. All you have to do is imagine yourself having reached your goal and looking down upon these problems, they won’t trouble you then. Another important aspect is “ELEVATE” your thought process. See beyond the present, be brave enough to try out new things. And you would have finally found the secret of a satisfied life.