The Aura Effect

Ajay’s dad always had a knack for great things, at the age of 19 he had already started his own business. This little shop that he started at the corner of the Jhapa Bazaar, was now the center of the busy street. Ajay had inherited most of his father’s brain and A’s were easy pickings for him. Everybody thought he would take up and manage the business behind his father. Little did he know that living onto the expectations of everybody else wasn’t so easy.

“mike testing, mike testing 1.2…3” said the anchor from the beautiful stage that was prepared for the inter college speech competition. Ali was undoubtedly the best from his college and so he seemed to be the perfect choice to represent us on the edifice stage.

“I’ve practiced this a lot many times, there is nothing that can possibly go wrong!” said Ali in excitement.

The first speaker to hit the stage was from an underestimated school so we did not expect much from him. Much to our amazement, his words came out perfectly knit into a precise idea, idea so pristine that everybody including the judges were awestruck. He left the podium burning and as Ali climbed the stage, he could feel the heat getting onto him.

He opened his mouth to speak but wait no word left his vocals *he went blank.

both the cases were about two brilliant people who lost a lot of themselves at the last moment. why you ask ?

If we recall both of these people had to follow a path that had already been taken by somebody that they thought was far better then them and thus they couldn’t live up with the heat. i.e Avinash’s dad left a void that also raised the bar for its fulfillment, similarly the unknown guy from the unknown school broke free from the shackles of hopelessness and left behind a stage that now needed something far more superior to crackle up the older vibe; the AURA.

we find ourselves in problems like these all the time. for instance, we’re waiting to express our opinion somewhere and suddenly someone comes up with something even better and steals the show, and we’re left wondering if our opinion was ever good enough.

This is what I call the AURA EFFECT ! A person with a powerful impression leaves behind his AURA  and it doesn’t go away until somebody better comes forward and replaces the bar to higher levels.

a couple of points i feel help reduce this a little bit :-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             i) Believing that you are as competitive as anybody and everybody else.                                ii) concentrating less on what other people are saying or doing and instead focusing on your own goals.


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